Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My scarf...

As far as I go on, I'm on 11th section.

I took this picture to show you the color I picked for this one.

I wish I can knitting all day but I can't because of my hands... they do get hurt. So I knitted some each day.

Sorry that my camera made it looks bit bright.

Green.....Red Heart's Med Thyme
GreyBernat's True Grey(shown) or
Red Heart's Grey Heather
PurpleRed Heart's Dark Orchid
RedRed Heart's Ranch Red
YellowRed Heart's Gold
BrownRed Heart's Cafe
TanRed Heart's Linen

Monday, February 4, 2008

Check it out!

I made this layout because I was bored to do something. Had fun with it.
I like how my layout looked.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

About my knitting...

Before I go to bed, I just checked out the site of Doctor Who Scarf... he has updated the information on yarns.

Well, for me. I enjoy doing crafts like try to knit Doctor's scarf, "Harry Potter" wands (I only made several wands, none related to any character except Snape's), sew costumes.... Only one thing I am using less cost materials because often time they didn't stay around for me. For that reason, I don't want to risk costly material for that then get crazy or something. What I mean was that I may lose interest in them rather than being a collector. I sold some of my collections on Ebay, it was because I have lost interest plus other reason is that there is no room. I also do not want to have my future children accidently opened them or demage them then it would be loss of money for me.

Anyway, I use acrylic yarns... not wool. But as I did looked around the store... some colors are impossible to find. What's the point? So I had to research more on different yarns... rather than order from online or drive far. What's the point? I know some people like wool or like it to be "exact"- Fine. That's their choices not mine.

Very interesting that when I am trying to find that color olive. I only found one out of hundreds in store. What the heck? That is impossible. Forget it. I took the most close enough to match except olive. I am stuck because of that olive one's size is different than other that I got (sport worsted) It would be weird to find some sections of it thinner than other... forget it. I took a pick of green whatever that is and get over with. I am not picky.

Of course I wish them to have more various colors. But theirs tend to be limited, hmpf!

Don't worry, when I done some knitting and preview before completed it... I will post the list of colors I used for this one. All right? Of course, photo will be included.

Good night!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Back to knitting

Now things calmed down since holiday... and I went back to knitting my scarf. I am on third section of the scarf and 50 to go... yikes! But almost to 4th.

Oh, sing me a song... ~sobbing~

Didn't I tell you no way I could done this in short time... ugh!