Friday, January 30, 2009

Cool Stuffs!

I just found out new stuffs. But I like the most is this three items.
I think it's awesome.

This one Journal of Impossible Things. I couldn't not believe they actually did this! Actually, I am working on making one for myself but funny thing was when I saw this, I was like- "Hey! My idea first!" I did plan to add more information in it.

Other one is this Future Sonic Screwdriver... I saw it in one episode but I didn't see other episodes. I stopped watching however this tool I saw when I was changing channels.

Funny, I wanted to create this one also but hey, think it would save time buying than making? I dunno but I like to challenge myself.

Awww, I am missing him...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Little Adipose

I found some cool Doctor Who crafts to make. This is my first one. (Actually second.) I have fun with it. I made one out of felt material...

It's cute. It's making me laugh...

But when young kids saw mine, they grabbed and ran off with it... lol... little girl seemed take a liking to it.


I made it for first time... not bad but I know what to watch out next time I make another. Really, most of it is just fine expect top part (top of head) is not even. I fix it few times. I stuffed it today. As new until kids ran with it, its surface already started to fuzzy...

Give me back my adipose!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Craft: Knitted Adipose

I just found out online about one woman who knitted an adipose from Doctor Who TV series.

The sad thing was that BBC wanted to put her in trouble. What I don't understand was some people were selling some stuffs done by hand on ebay. It would be sense for some fans who don't know how to build or knit... can buy from someone who can. (READ THE STORY)

Well what was happened when I just came cross a new item which was 10 inches plush Adipose. It just came out. That reminded me the knitted one I saw few months ago. When I looked, that is how I found out what happened. Tsk. And guess what? They are selling them for about 30 BUCKS! For me, I rather make one than pay hefty price for it.

I hope that BBC is not going to be too greedy like JK Rowling. (Sorry but had to say it. I don't think JK Rowling is being honest about some things.)

Sad to find the pattern gone from her website. I am really want to knit one. I like to make things to keep myself busy than being boring.

Happy New Year

Welcome 2009!

Another year gone.