Saturday, July 26, 2008

Just waiting...

I know I can't wait for mail from them.

But, I won't know if they read it or not... I have no idea. Mail get lost? Wrong address? I don't know. In my past experiences, I sent out several letters to some Harry Potter actors... Only few answered back.
But for few of actors I want to give my many thanks to Alan Rickman (love you!) for his photo and his time, and Rupert Grint for his time and photo as well.

Both Daniel Radcliffe (single shot) and Emma Watson (group shot), both sent pre-print autographed photos which I believe they either do not have time to answer normal or whatever (like too many fan mails for them to answer...) That reminded me of actor from Home Alone character Kevin... I found address for my sister because she loves that movie. I got his photo with his name stamped on it.

I think Robbie Coltrane photo is probably pre-print (I did test it).

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Isolus Pod

I had a new camera and wanted to try it out. It has night setting so I tested it to snap pod glowing...

It's glowing under the black light

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Since I love to dress up for Halloween.

I have a problem...

I thought why not be Doctor for Halloween... BUT!
Who knows this character?

My original plan was to dress as Professor Severus Snape since seemly everyone knows of Harry Potter movies.

Not Doctor Who. Interesting... When I talked of him/that show, I get question "Who is Doctor Who?" or "What is TARDIS?" except one guy who saw that show in 2005 on SciFi. (He knows of Doctor but when I talked of the TARDIS. He asked me what is it. My god. He watched it for a year and don't know what TARDIS is? Huh? Somebody shoot me!)

Unless I live in UK. Ugh. (Head banging on the wall) Not fair!

Should I go as Doctor or what? Your feedback please.

Problem was I went to the fabric store. I can't find brown with pinstripe. There are black, grey and one more color I forgot that has pinstripe. Bummer. I like brown one... oh well... I could do blue one but brown looks good on my skin. Hee hee. I do still have two suits from previous halloween (Dick Tracy and other) that I can use as pattern. Anyway. Bye for now.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Where's Jack?

My friend told me she needs some photos from our college life. Turned out she didn't have much photos (they were missing or so). I told her that I had only a few of her.... will scan them for her.

I found my album and guess what? There was a photo from my other college, it was party for my friend who was leaving from this college to other college. "Farewell" party... anyway. I found a picture of us in group. There was JACK! (Jack's face is more of round than David which looked oval.) Anyway...


I laughed! Gonna scan this!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Try to relax...

Arrived from PA, tired and frustrated...

When I was on way to there, I started to write a story and then I got back, my story's done.

That means the weekend is so boring!

My twin nephew and niece were screaming, complaining on all the way to there and worse on way back.


Supposed to have my apt ready... all set for visitor. I just gave up... do something to release stress... and did this.

Just having fun with this. Personally, I don't exactly have a crush on him. No. Just think he's interesting... well, cute in his own way. I do have a crush on someone else- other actor.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Figures...

Today, I decided to visit one store... because it was only store that carries figures of the movie/TV/whateverso that are not sold in regular stores like Target, Toy'R'Us, Walmart... know what I mean.

I was there, hoping to buy the watch. I checked out the figures and found this one. I also bought one in spacesuit. Just in mood.

The last time I was there... there is no 12 inches Doctor figure. They still have same Martha and Cyberman since. There are some sets but I just do not want to have too many. So far I have three total... the first one I got was Doctor in trenchcoat with K-9.

Talk later!


When I was looking for old clothes to give away... I came across my old trenchcoat. I thought I had it gave away. Surprised... of course it is not like Doctor Who. It was used for Halloween as Dick Tracy. I got it from yard sale and it was tan color. I bought yellow dye to make it yellow. No idea of how to find yellow hat so I used "Michael Jackson" hat... use yellow fabric over it and add black fabric as band. Found red tie but add black paint lines to it.
I have old picture of me as Dick Tracy.

As Dick Tracy, Halloween 1990 or 1991

Anyway... the coat did help me to figure out how to make back (slit part) of the trenchcoat for Doctor Who figure.