Thursday, October 30, 2008

K9 in Process... 2

I am going to put them (photos) up at either Flickr or Slider after Halloween.

Wait and see...

Right now I am working on neck with coverings which are remnants of fabrics.

It's like recycle them than waste them....

I finished the tail part. It's cute.


P.S. I just worked on back top part... like I said details on base of body will be put on hold as well as nose part. I gonna try to work on eye part... figure out red stuffs...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

K9 in Process...

I did the body part and the neck too. Will soon working on head.

Body part, there are few details but I will not to do it now... I will hold that until later date.

I already got paints. Yah. Got few things for ear "antennas" and "eye"

I know I could not wait to complete it. Making a plan takes much longer than build it!

Keep in mind that I am using foam core board... not metal... not strong plastic thing... not wood.

I hope in the future that I could made it with better materials but for now, I am just enjoyed making it. I'm trying to take a photo of step by step.

Does my knitted collar look nice on him???

(Top part of body is not finished, there is some more to come to build)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

K9 collar

I done it few days ago... not able to upload an image on my computer. I get to upload it at college. I used my old necklace.. there was bag of old stuffs I saved for project. It was long so I cut it down to small and make it a "chain" for tag. The tag is circle chipboard and I used a bit silver paint but guess what, my paint bottle is almost dry completely... I'll buy new one soon.

I also bought few thing to support neck. Can't wait to see a finishing project.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

K9 collar

I put foam core board on hold because I am tired... I just do little knitting of collar with remaining yarns from my scarf (I mean it there's still much left. "Tan" is almost out about bit smaller than a baseball and so grey is sort of almost out, bit bigger than a baseball... like softball. For gold, red, green, brown and purple.. they are like half left. Interesting.) I noticed that collar has pattern but could not make out exact what color. Old K9 has collar that is plain. Recently one didn't look plain but has bars. I just go ahead do my best. I tested several times to see how many stitch I need, how many rows. I just do guess work. I think collar maybe have 5 bars of colors in it but bit hard for knit so basically I make it looks like with three colors. Wish that I could see K9 for real, I would know.

Will post photo of it when I'm done. it's fast and easy... not like my scarf- lol.
P.S. I was pondering why it showed bars instead of plain... then I found small piece of plain and noticed something in one section... it looks bars. Interesting. Will show you what I meant soon.

Here it is.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

K-9 3D paper model in "life-size"

I'm putting together all papers. I have no idea how many papers there are... oh boy. could said too many.... already tired of glue it together.. wish there's bigger
printer, hee hee... oh well...

Print for head, antennas, collar and tail together is about 44 pages.

Print for body is about 70-something pages, I forgot to count but is larger.

Both are in low-resolution. Less space it takes. Both are under 2mb.

I can post if you want to do it for yourself... drop me a note.

Can use as guild to build life-size K9 robotic dog.

Will post a photo later.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cute Creatures or Gross Creatures?

If anyone remember the episode "Partners in Crime" Anyway... I think it's either gross or crazy idea of using fat to create little creatures... Adipose? I have no idea.

I think in August release of action figure, there is Doctor with 5 Adipose but the rumor was it is limited. Is that fact? I have no idea.

Other thing is... I don't remember seeing him in red shoes in that episode... mmm... I swore it was white/grey shoes. I just checked some screen captures of that episode and there's Doctor running with white/grey shoes. Why is this image has red shoes???

In the package, I saw was white/grey shoes, not red. Ugh...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Scarf...

Soon, I shall wear it. Soon, I will add a photo.

I'm working on "clean up" and tassels.

Within few days, will upload my photo... watch this space... hee hee.

Well, I'll have to take a trip in TARDIS. Ta-ta!

Sorry for delaying, I am busy. Finally to upload this photo.

Did he has me killed?

I found this on eBay. I thought why not try to get it. Well, I do believe in past life/lives... I do believe that I died on Titanic. Anyway when that last episode (I think) of the season. Doctor's TARDIS has run-in with Titanic. I was like, "Oh, my god. He just killed me." (laughing) Until next episode, it was space cruise. He said, "What? What? What?" when seeing that buoy with name Titanic on it. I said same thing, "What? What? He killed me!"

Well, I thought if get this figure, it would remind me that he has me killed on Titanic (Just kidding but fun thought)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

K9 Model

I found one online, of course, it's not mine but is smaller for 12 inches doll.

I just resized/enlarged it, hope it looks fine for 12 inches doll. It's just draft like a test sheet.

Take a look. I am not sure how it supposed to be measure but anyway, here's picture of Doctor doll with test K9 model.

Someday, I'll print it in color. Right now, it's just a "test drive"

K9 on right is the one I printed from online (depend which printer you are using that determined the size. I printed it from college into letter-size paper), K9 on left is the one I enlarge and printed (I printed it in paint program at college... it printed out 4 pages with bit white space "border" around it I think without border it may print on 2 pages but not sure). If you like to try to print the one I enlarged, drop me a note.

Who is Who???

This one I found few months ago I think, can't remember where I found it. I looked into my harddrive and there it saved. I thought it's silly.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Getting there... Scarf

My mom likes what I did with dog tag. She wanted me to make one with picture of grandchildren. I told her that I do have one dog tag around my home I can use that for her. I'm sure she would be happy.

As for the knitting. I can tell my scarf looked like 4th Doctor's. Only thing is not match is green yarn because I can't find one in that thick/size of yarn in olive so I use different green. I remember something in, he said something about one brown (I think) that to use it for brown and olive sections. Olive is sort of mixed of green and brown. Anyway. I'm getting there soon. I'm glad that I'm almost done with it. My god!

My next plan would be build K-9 robotic dog and also mini scarf for 12 inches doll. I'm sure doll scarf is swift than regular one. Trust me. I printed out K-9 plan but found out it was measured bit larger by mistake. Ooops. I'm gonna fix the measurement and will print soon. It will be just "shell" with no motor part, will use foam core board. I do not want tech just yet.

If I succeed with mini scarf. I could post the knit plan if wish to do one yourself. Drop me a note.