Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Is That Right?

ST:TNG-DW Crossover Comic
I saw the information on that in Facebook. Is that a fact? I guess so. However, I stopped watching Doctor Who few years ago because of one big reason. I rather not say it. So, after that, isn't my type anymore.

I do love watching all Star Trek TV series and movies. I think it so odd to find DW runs into ST or vice versa. I could honestly say... what a nightmare, lol. It may be funny or stranger. Who knows?

Does it mean I would buy. No. There is reason why I don't want to and I don't need to.

Other than that, you go ahead and do what you want. It's your business. I only want to say there is new comic book of Doctor Who with Star Trek TNG coming in May. Have fun!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I was looking for more idea of building TARDIS model for my 12 inches doll... I came across this neat idea- a TARDIS cake but it had part where it looks like console room when you look into the window.

I want to use that light effect for my model. I already did cut pieces for my model last year but never had time to finish it. I glad I didn't cuz I found this neat effect. Yipee! Somehow I found plastic/metal mirror (not glass which is good, not worry of break it) I am looking forward to do it. I need some LED lights. I had white ones but will get green and blue light. This person who made cake used 1/8 "angle" to create effect (cuz half of it is cake) but I know console only have 6 sides so I want to make it looks 6 sides not 8 or whateverso.