Friday, August 22, 2008

Have you seen those figures?

I went to one store and saw one package of 10th Doctor with 5th Doctor.

But the price... ouch. Why? What's the point?

And also I saw new Captain Jack figure with long coat
(like it better than other without coat)... single figure of 9th Doctor (not my type anyway) and on online was 4th Doctor. I heard 4th was bit challenge because in some place it's already sold out. Mmmm...

What's next?

I wish they made K-9 to go with 12 inches Doctor Who figure. Oh, well. Maybe I make one from my 3-D model. I am not sure how tall it is but maybe print it bit smaller to fit the scale? Anyway...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Halloween or Bust: Shirt and Tie

I found this shirt and tie last week at Goodwill. Good enough for me. Tie wasn't easy to find because lot of them are so crazy or loud... horrific colors or pattern for me. Yuck! I did looked at regular store like Kohl's... yikes. Never mind. I believe shirt is new or hardly used because there was plastic tag is still there... no price tag. I can't tell what is man's size, instead I tried it out. Just fine. Be done with it. Two more things to go- suit/blazer/jacket and pant.

If there is time, will have to make trenchcoat... oh, well.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Today, I got my TARDIS key.

It's original key. Not like those "fake" or "copied" keys I have seen on eBay.
How to tell if it is real or fake... look for the mark of BBC on it. Later!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Is Doctor Getting a Visa?

While I was looking for an image of Doctor with K-9, I found this cool photo.

Boy! Everyone is getting a visa!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I found another funny image while looking for an image of Doctor with K-9.
I didn't find one good image... anyway... This drawing is silly.


I am not sure but for fun side. I found this red shoes and on the next day I found another shoes.

What's worse... not able to find similiar suit/pant. I did found brown pant but they're out of suit... GRRRRRR! I did checked same store in other town. Same problem... All they have left are black ones with pinstripe. BLIMEY! When did they got them in stock? It's female style but is similar. I feel like I am out of my mind for THIS!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dr Who Coat Process 2...

I cut out of the blue (navy) fabric for lining.
It's bit challenge to sew at lower sleeves as shown on right. It has to be done by hand, slowly.

Soon will work on the collar.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I do want to work on building my own TARDIS. I did thought of smaller size but then I thought it would be fine if it is for 12 inches doll...

I do have London phone booth (it was for Bratz doll but I love that booth. I am not exact fan of Bratz. I have two of them in "London" clothes. I like to collect anything that is related to London/England)

Anyway.. I found "blueprint" online. Recently I found another and it said 20 inches... I am not sure of what it is really measure for 12 inches doll. So I did guesswork... I used doll and wallpaper of Christopher Eccleston who stood next to TARDIS as aid for my plot. I even played around with photoshop to see how big I should build. I finally got it. Both ways I did came with same results.

I already bought foam core boards few months ago. All I need is to print my "blueprint" and then start to work on it.

There was an argument over both Tennant's and Eccleston's heights. I looked at few days ago and they felt that Eccleston is taller than Tennant. I could said he looked taller but when I look at them next to the TARDIS (in wallpapers and screen captures) They seemed are at same height. Nevertheless. I left a comment there, said someone should have them take off their shoes and measure them. That should stop argument.

TARDIS Bedroom?

When I was looking for size information to build the mini TARDIS. Looking through the search engine and found this. Yikes.

I can't imagine that. I think it's cool. He must be lucky to have parents to do that.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

His hair???

I found this online by search engine. I looked at thumbnails on screen while looking for the time vortex. I noticed this. I clicked on it to see it in full view.

Then I read what it said. (laughing) Mmm....

I forgot where I found it. Oh well.
Should have said "Doctor's Hair" because I saw other one by that person who typed "Captain Jack Harkness" with funny sentence under the picture. Guess maybe that person did not think. I don't know.

Halloween or Bust...

As some of you notice my knitting list on right side of the blog... that green section is on hold. This picture I took because I wanted to show you how far I went.

Some of you may have visited the guy updated his page because he found different yarn. I did look there and it is not same info as I got before he changed it. I am lucky that I saved/printed them out before that happened.

Anyhow... I hope I can finish before Halloween.

I hope to go to Joann soon too... to find alternative fabric for Doctor Who clothes... mmm... I could easily dress as 4th Doctor instead of 10th Doctor unless I find the right fabric. I have seen online that someone selling 10th Doctor clothes but the cost is.... ugh... and cost of shipping... ugh... but again to measure my body to give them... I don't know how. I afriad if I measure wrong then end up not able to wear it. Not worth for me. I just simple follow my clothes as pattern. Better than sorry. I wore pant, vest, shirt, blazer before for Halloween. Only one is no longer with me is pant. Today, on Main St. thrift store have some stuffs to giveaway for free. I came across one pant.. interesting enough... was a grey with white pinstripe. I also found a bunch of Chinese clothes for kids too. I saved them for kids to play dress up or Halloween.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dr Who Coat Process...

Sewing the sleeves wasn't easy because the edge pattern is curved. It can't be done with sewing machine... It has to be done by hand. Carefully align them together to get nice result. I struggled a bit with first (trying to figure out how to align it) then on second one is fine.

Thanks to my old trenchcoat. I did it with "slit" part (top) on the back of coat.

Not yet sew the end of the sleeve (near hands). I'm just adjust the length to see if it looked fine... same thing for the bottom of the coat... still work on that...

Patience, Queen Mallory, patience.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sonic Pen?

Sorry, I just want to tell you something before I take a break, out of town and away. I do not want to forget this.

It was weird finding.

I was cleaning my computer desk... I put away some of my pencil and pen to the carrying bin. I noticed something in there... There was a pen almost look like the Sonic Pen... serious... what I need is a blue light... lol. I just laughed. What the hell going on??? Did Doctor put it in there? Hee hee.

I believed I got it from the festival. There were some booths that give away freebies with their companies/providers names (i.e. on plastic cup, keychain, pen, pencil, small toys...) this one I got from I forgot which provider booth but label was on it made by Saratoga Pen Company. It's good weight. It's full metal.

Or the mall booths? I have no idea. It was few years ago. If it has name same as booth on it, I would have known. Anyway. Bye!