Sunday, August 10, 2008

Halloween or Bust...

As some of you notice my knitting list on right side of the blog... that green section is on hold. This picture I took because I wanted to show you how far I went.

Some of you may have visited the guy updated his page because he found different yarn. I did look there and it is not same info as I got before he changed it. I am lucky that I saved/printed them out before that happened.

Anyhow... I hope I can finish before Halloween.

I hope to go to Joann soon too... to find alternative fabric for Doctor Who clothes... mmm... I could easily dress as 4th Doctor instead of 10th Doctor unless I find the right fabric. I have seen online that someone selling 10th Doctor clothes but the cost is.... ugh... and cost of shipping... ugh... but again to measure my body to give them... I don't know how. I afriad if I measure wrong then end up not able to wear it. Not worth for me. I just simple follow my clothes as pattern. Better than sorry. I wore pant, vest, shirt, blazer before for Halloween. Only one is no longer with me is pant. Today, on Main St. thrift store have some stuffs to giveaway for free. I came across one pant.. interesting enough... was a grey with white pinstripe. I also found a bunch of Chinese clothes for kids too. I saved them for kids to play dress up or Halloween.

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