Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I do want to work on building my own TARDIS. I did thought of smaller size but then I thought it would be fine if it is for 12 inches doll...

I do have London phone booth (it was for Bratz doll but I love that booth. I am not exact fan of Bratz. I have two of them in "London" clothes. I like to collect anything that is related to London/England)

Anyway.. I found "blueprint" online. Recently I found another and it said 20 inches... I am not sure of what it is really measure for 12 inches doll. So I did guesswork... I used doll and wallpaper of Christopher Eccleston who stood next to TARDIS as aid for my plot. I even played around with photoshop to see how big I should build. I finally got it. Both ways I did came with same results.

I already bought foam core boards few months ago. All I need is to print my "blueprint" and then start to work on it.

There was an argument over both Tennant's and Eccleston's heights. I looked at few days ago and they felt that Eccleston is taller than Tennant. I could said he looked taller but when I look at them next to the TARDIS (in wallpapers and screen captures) They seemed are at same height. Nevertheless. I left a comment there, said someone should have them take off their shoes and measure them. That should stop argument.

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