Saturday, June 28, 2008

David Tennant Wallpaper

Just in mood, I'm struggling with my feelings.

Decided to do something else. I did some writing and then working a bit on tenchcoat pattern. Before I go to bed, I decided to try out scrapbook kit to create this.

The kit (freebies) is called 100 Days or Grandfather's 100th Celebration.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Testing the pattern

I am working on pattern... using from other pattern. Did some change.

I copied pattern on plastic bag and then cut them out... I just cut back and front to see if I can get it on.

Like I said the figure is flexible. It went Matrix on me. Gee!

The pattern is fine so I mark to change few thing like reduce the width of waist. Marked on edge of the collar, and so on to make sure it look right. I am not sure of length of it... I just guess maybe 9 inches. From what I see in photos of Doctor Who. Maybe half inch more... mmm...

Here are photos of what I am doing with the pattern.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I dreamt of Doctor.

I actually smiled when I saw him.

I'm also feeling sad. Why did I see him? Curious.

Anyway, trying to create template of the tenchcoat is bit hard but I am getting it. Before I could cut the fabric. I will use old fabric or something as test to make sure it work.

The body of Doctor figure wasn't like Ken figure (Barbie's "boyfriend") When I carefully removed it from the package, the body is flexible that I almost can't keep it straight to stand. Golly! Also there is no "adjustable" for the shoes to stay on, bit loose. Bit strange to see shoe that big. What the heck is that? Its upper chest is bit big too as if he has "6-pack abs". Clothes on it are looking good but only thing is bothering me is size of pocket flip which looks bit big. Oh yes, hands are bit big too. Hmm...

Friday, June 20, 2008

What do I do now?

Since I like to write a letter to some actors.

I thought I would give a try to mail one to David.

I don't know if my other mail have arrived to Tom Baker. The problem is that I can't find viable address. So far I have found three different addresses for Tom. None of it said clear which is currently.

Oh well...

What's next? I don't know...

I made a pod of Isolus Child

Scene from Doctor Who "Fear Her"

I am not sure of what it is but it was from the episode "Fear Her" from Doctor Who series.

In that show, Rose dug on the road to find what looked like small rock which was a pod for the Isolus child.

I thought I would take a challenge on that one. It's just small. I just working on it. I just doing some guess work on color of material I would use for that pod. I was glad to have some leftover materials from my old projects (unicorn figure and wand). I doubt I will have it in exact details but just do my best. Black "flakes" are bit hard to do anyway.

I waited for it to come out of oven. It looked fine to me but bit dark cuz of "burn" I now cleaning with sandpaper and already put in tumbler machine. I can't wait to see the result. Will post a picture of finishing pod at night.

By the way, I bought new fabrics for Doctor doll. Most fabrics I had are bright or loud(patterns). I do not have any brown or navy. Anyway, I am planning to do "blueprint" of the trenchcoat. I got one yard each (should be half yard but be safe than sorry).

It's almost done. just one more hour or two of polishing...

Monday, June 16, 2008

How many times Doctor regenerated?

I posted before that in show he said he's 903 years old. As far as I know he's 10th Doctor. But the number does not make sense to me...

I just watched my old tape I recorded of 1996 movie Doctor Who. In that movie, 8th Doctor said he has 13 lives. Something like that. If the Doctor regenerated for 13th time... what happened to 5 "missing" Doctors? Or does that mean he have 5 lives left?

But I came cross that the council is gone.. Gallifrey was burned. So that council no longer control over his lives. That part he could have many lives as he wants.

Well, it's up to BBC whether they want to continue to the end of 13th Doctor or beyond.

The reason was this question is of David who played as 10th Doctor since 2005. It would be nice to see few more years of 10th Doctor. It would be sad to see him go if they are planning to get 11th Doctor. I don't know. I can't imagine. If it is true that one day he leaves the show, I don't know if I could watch. Like I used to watch 4th Doctor, I didn't watch any after Tom. That means I would have to bid farewell. This sucks!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

This is ME

This is me. If you look at my picture of my father, you could see the similar. He died in 1991.

My Doctor Who Figure

I got this. What I don't understand was the limitation of those Doctor Who stuffs. It was like chasing the white rabbit down the hole.

Most place I looked said "Sold Out." I had it from Canada.

What makes me buy it was I am going to build my own TARDIS. I thought why not use the figure to stand with it.

I like trenchcoat. Plan to make one for him. Mmmm... First see what fabrics I have left.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

David as Barty

Few months ago, I was looking for an image of David. I typed in search engine "Doctor Who."

The results came, it showed different images... I noticed some are not related to show. There were medicine images and other stuffs... I scanned until I notice other image in there from the movie Harry Potter. It showed Harry Potter character. Myself, I thought it was odd.

I scanned for a better image to use for my desktop wallpaper, but my computer is old and slow. I paused my search for later.

I tried in different search engine, came cross some of it too... then I was like, "Wait a minute."

I was thinking, looking back to what I remember. I know the way David acted... his expressions... his eyes... etc.

I looked back to the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I searched in my memories... only thing I came to part of him talking with Lord Voldemort who was sitting in the chair and the snake went up behind the chair. I could remember the way David looked at the door like if he was looking at me... That one looked scary to me. The character he played as Barty Crouch Jr.

I haven't seen that movie since for more than a year. I do have DVD of it. Anyway I got this screen grabs from my DVD to show you what I mean.

Barty (David) kneel to Voldemort but the snake said there's someone peeking at the door.

Barty (David) used the Polyjuice Potion to became Moody wore off.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I came cross something in eBay. Something's interesting to know...
It is about the TARDIS they used over the years from 1963 to present.

TARDIS Arc Type:

  • Type I- 1st Doctor
  • Type II- 2nd and 3rd Doctors
  • Type III- 4th Doctor
  • Type IV- 5th, 6th and 7th Doctors
  • Type V- 8th Doctor

I think maybe Type VI is being used by 9th and 10th Doctor. Gonna find out about this one. I also found pictures to "tell the difference" (on eBay, to get this "collectible" TARDIS is expensive!)