Thursday, June 26, 2008


I dreamt of Doctor.

I actually smiled when I saw him.

I'm also feeling sad. Why did I see him? Curious.

Anyway, trying to create template of the tenchcoat is bit hard but I am getting it. Before I could cut the fabric. I will use old fabric or something as test to make sure it work.

The body of Doctor figure wasn't like Ken figure (Barbie's "boyfriend") When I carefully removed it from the package, the body is flexible that I almost can't keep it straight to stand. Golly! Also there is no "adjustable" for the shoes to stay on, bit loose. Bit strange to see shoe that big. What the heck is that? Its upper chest is bit big too as if he has "6-pack abs". Clothes on it are looking good but only thing is bothering me is size of pocket flip which looks bit big. Oh yes, hands are bit big too. Hmm...

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