Friday, June 20, 2008

I made a pod of Isolus Child

Scene from Doctor Who "Fear Her"

I am not sure of what it is but it was from the episode "Fear Her" from Doctor Who series.

In that show, Rose dug on the road to find what looked like small rock which was a pod for the Isolus child.

I thought I would take a challenge on that one. It's just small. I just working on it. I just doing some guess work on color of material I would use for that pod. I was glad to have some leftover materials from my old projects (unicorn figure and wand). I doubt I will have it in exact details but just do my best. Black "flakes" are bit hard to do anyway.

I waited for it to come out of oven. It looked fine to me but bit dark cuz of "burn" I now cleaning with sandpaper and already put in tumbler machine. I can't wait to see the result. Will post a picture of finishing pod at night.

By the way, I bought new fabrics for Doctor doll. Most fabrics I had are bright or loud(patterns). I do not have any brown or navy. Anyway, I am planning to do "blueprint" of the trenchcoat. I got one yard each (should be half yard but be safe than sorry).

It's almost done. just one more hour or two of polishing...

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