Wednesday, October 8, 2008

K9 Model

I found one online, of course, it's not mine but is smaller for 12 inches doll.

I just resized/enlarged it, hope it looks fine for 12 inches doll. It's just draft like a test sheet.

Take a look. I am not sure how it supposed to be measure but anyway, here's picture of Doctor doll with test K9 model.

Someday, I'll print it in color. Right now, it's just a "test drive"

K9 on right is the one I printed from online (depend which printer you are using that determined the size. I printed it from college into letter-size paper), K9 on left is the one I enlarge and printed (I printed it in paint program at college... it printed out 4 pages with bit white space "border" around it I think without border it may print on 2 pages but not sure). If you like to try to print the one I enlarged, drop me a note.

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