Thursday, October 16, 2008

K9 collar

I put foam core board on hold because I am tired... I just do little knitting of collar with remaining yarns from my scarf (I mean it there's still much left. "Tan" is almost out about bit smaller than a baseball and so grey is sort of almost out, bit bigger than a baseball... like softball. For gold, red, green, brown and purple.. they are like half left. Interesting.) I noticed that collar has pattern but could not make out exact what color. Old K9 has collar that is plain. Recently one didn't look plain but has bars. I just go ahead do my best. I tested several times to see how many stitch I need, how many rows. I just do guess work. I think collar maybe have 5 bars of colors in it but bit hard for knit so basically I make it looks like with three colors. Wish that I could see K9 for real, I would know.

Will post photo of it when I'm done. it's fast and easy... not like my scarf- lol.
P.S. I was pondering why it showed bars instead of plain... then I found small piece of plain and noticed something in one section... it looks bars. Interesting. Will show you what I meant soon.

Here it is.

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