Saturday, October 4, 2008

Getting there... Scarf

My mom likes what I did with dog tag. She wanted me to make one with picture of grandchildren. I told her that I do have one dog tag around my home I can use that for her. I'm sure she would be happy.

As for the knitting. I can tell my scarf looked like 4th Doctor's. Only thing is not match is green yarn because I can't find one in that thick/size of yarn in olive so I use different green. I remember something in, he said something about one brown (I think) that to use it for brown and olive sections. Olive is sort of mixed of green and brown. Anyway. I'm getting there soon. I'm glad that I'm almost done with it. My god!

My next plan would be build K-9 robotic dog and also mini scarf for 12 inches doll. I'm sure doll scarf is swift than regular one. Trust me. I printed out K-9 plan but found out it was measured bit larger by mistake. Ooops. I'm gonna fix the measurement and will print soon. It will be just "shell" with no motor part, will use foam core board. I do not want tech just yet.

If I succeed with mini scarf. I could post the knit plan if wish to do one yourself. Drop me a note.

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