Saturday, July 26, 2008

Just waiting...

I know I can't wait for mail from them.

But, I won't know if they read it or not... I have no idea. Mail get lost? Wrong address? I don't know. In my past experiences, I sent out several letters to some Harry Potter actors... Only few answered back.
But for few of actors I want to give my many thanks to Alan Rickman (love you!) for his photo and his time, and Rupert Grint for his time and photo as well.

Both Daniel Radcliffe (single shot) and Emma Watson (group shot), both sent pre-print autographed photos which I believe they either do not have time to answer normal or whatever (like too many fan mails for them to answer...) That reminded me of actor from Home Alone character Kevin... I found address for my sister because she loves that movie. I got his photo with his name stamped on it.

I think Robbie Coltrane photo is probably pre-print (I did test it).

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