Sunday, July 20, 2008


Since I love to dress up for Halloween.

I have a problem...

I thought why not be Doctor for Halloween... BUT!
Who knows this character?

My original plan was to dress as Professor Severus Snape since seemly everyone knows of Harry Potter movies.

Not Doctor Who. Interesting... When I talked of him/that show, I get question "Who is Doctor Who?" or "What is TARDIS?" except one guy who saw that show in 2005 on SciFi. (He knows of Doctor but when I talked of the TARDIS. He asked me what is it. My god. He watched it for a year and don't know what TARDIS is? Huh? Somebody shoot me!)

Unless I live in UK. Ugh. (Head banging on the wall) Not fair!

Should I go as Doctor or what? Your feedback please.

Problem was I went to the fabric store. I can't find brown with pinstripe. There are black, grey and one more color I forgot that has pinstripe. Bummer. I like brown one... oh well... I could do blue one but brown looks good on my skin. Hee hee. I do still have two suits from previous halloween (Dick Tracy and other) that I can use as pattern. Anyway. Bye for now.

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