Sunday, February 3, 2008

About my knitting...

Before I go to bed, I just checked out the site of Doctor Who Scarf... he has updated the information on yarns.

Well, for me. I enjoy doing crafts like try to knit Doctor's scarf, "Harry Potter" wands (I only made several wands, none related to any character except Snape's), sew costumes.... Only one thing I am using less cost materials because often time they didn't stay around for me. For that reason, I don't want to risk costly material for that then get crazy or something. What I mean was that I may lose interest in them rather than being a collector. I sold some of my collections on Ebay, it was because I have lost interest plus other reason is that there is no room. I also do not want to have my future children accidently opened them or demage them then it would be loss of money for me.

Anyway, I use acrylic yarns... not wool. But as I did looked around the store... some colors are impossible to find. What's the point? So I had to research more on different yarns... rather than order from online or drive far. What's the point? I know some people like wool or like it to be "exact"- Fine. That's their choices not mine.

Very interesting that when I am trying to find that color olive. I only found one out of hundreds in store. What the heck? That is impossible. Forget it. I took the most close enough to match except olive. I am stuck because of that olive one's size is different than other that I got (sport worsted) It would be weird to find some sections of it thinner than other... forget it. I took a pick of green whatever that is and get over with. I am not picky.

Of course I wish them to have more various colors. But theirs tend to be limited, hmpf!

Don't worry, when I done some knitting and preview before completed it... I will post the list of colors I used for this one. All right? Of course, photo will be included.

Good night!

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