Sunday, November 2, 2008

Just drop a note...

I am going to make a new wallpaper soon.

As of now, being busy as always. Just wanted to tell about my K9 model.
I work on it when I have free time. Often time, I do my homework and stuffs first. Of course I wish it is done.

The last thing I was thinking was should I add light or not. Since it is foam core board.. I am concerning about heat from light that may effect its structure. I think of LED which is small and should be okay. Still not decide just yet.

When I was thinking about how to set nose... somehow I washed my dishes, I saw my plastic cookware that has part looks like nose. Interesting.... if I find one like that or find a way... wait and see.

Here's sneak peek of my K9 model. Taken on 10/31

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