Friday, September 4, 2009

My Old Tape of Doctor Who: Enemy Within

When I was in college, I saw the commercial of movie on TV. It said.... Doctor Who.
Awesome! I also hoped it has closed caption. I bought blank tape and then later asked my roommate to see if I can use her TV to record...

I waited and waited until the day it came on TV. I recorded. Yah!

Later, I thought of DVD but not seemed to be able to find it. I saw the cover of it... I thought... hey... why not print it in small size and put it on my tape so that I can know what it is about (as well as for visitor to my home can know)... of course, this is only old thing I own of Doctor Who

Of course, I took a great deal of care of it since. Clean as new so... I'll keep it alive for next 10 years or so...

However, it somehow recorded the closed caption--- at college the TV system throughout dorms has caption on. Of course, cable there wasn't exactly great. Here's screenshot of my tape which recorded the caption.

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