Monday, September 19, 2016

Dreams Barely Being alive...

I didn't go out much. That is because there is no one I want to share with. I would rather go out and have fun with someone I like/love. I am getting tired of being just me. Last night, I read one of my DW stories. Yep, I wrote it. That story is kind of personal and sort of sad story. I am sort of frustrated that I noticed with the stories I wrote... some of them already appeared in actual DW shows. I am trying to understand how they got my ideas. That are all before the show happened. You see. I wrote them on my laptop so I stopped. They stopped. I do really want to finish some more but I can't with that laptop. I do not know how they got them. I feel sad and cheated by that. That mean I have to write on paper in which I used to be doing. The problem is that paper will not have auto spelling checker and few other features. Sigh. I do not want my new stories to be robbed again. Only I can do is just drawing/doodling. I bought rubber stamp that had image of the TARDIS. I stamped and then use water colors to paint.

I don't know what else to do right now. My heart still want to write more but I'm in fear that someone will find a way to take it away from me again like with my stories I typed. I feel like I have no one to trust about it.

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