Thursday, May 29, 2008

I like writing

I like to make up my own stories. I made my own "books." Some of them got drawings in them.

My only problem was not all are done! Some of my stories are only halfway! It was hard to do when I got other idea. I wish I could focus on one thing until I finish it. Then I can move on next task. I could said maybe 30 percent of stories are completed.

I just started my Doctor Who story. While I was doing it, I have other idea popping. I tried to figure out how much. Sort of trying to group ideas and make checklist. I can't promise that I had it break up into 4 books series. I did think it is 4 parts but my mind may have wander off to add other. I wasn't just focus on subject of Doctor. I have included a bit of Torchwood.

When I was little girl, love to dream or daydream and telling the stories. My elementary Teacher gave me an "award" that read "The Most Expressive Storyteller" (I do still have it somewhere and I do believe that what it said.)

I was maybe 5th grader, Teacher asked the students to write the story from our Cape Cod trip. We all did but somehow he wanted mine to be tell to the whole 5th grade. I was wondering why, asked the question. He said it was because I have told how I felt of the trip. The feelings.

Anyway, to the point, I doubt I would be an author of best-selling book. Maybe not "sold" my manuscript to the publication. It was because I am deaf. It wasn't easy to figure out what needs to be there in the book plus grammar issues. I am fine with it but not with fancy or complicated sentences. If there is a luck, who knows but I am enjoyed doing it. I have fun drawing pictures for my stories.

I completed two Star Wars stories, one Back to the Future story, one Harry Potter story and several other stories that are not related to any movie.

You can see one of my drawings in my previous post.

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