Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sonic Screwdriver

I thought I told him not to... I guess he listened. But!

Instead... in my dream, I was seeing a sonic screwdriver. I guess that because I found my fun spy pen and it almost look like a sonic screwdriver. Mine was simple bit small with purple transparent case and blue light(blacklight). I thought it's funny. That is strange because in past I bought similar idea of fun secret journal... it came with circle blacklight keychain like "coin". Then almost over a year ago, I bought different one... secret journal book with blacklight pen... almost as if it borrowed the idea of sonic screwdriver.

Anyway, due to that "finding" lead me to my next dream... a teenager boy who I believe took my pen but he can't get it to work. He tossed it over to puddle. I can see the blue light coming from it in water. I rescued it. It works for me. Hmmm.

Bye for now, until my next adventure.

My secret journal pen looks like if it is type of Sonic Screwdriver.

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Dex Antares said...

The great thing is, the Sonic Screwdriver toy does function as a UV pen, so I suppose it'd work with your journal. That is, if you just get the Screwdriver. The one in the Sonic Pen two-pack doesn't work the same way.